An athleisure clothing brand empowering self worth, unconditional love, and true identity.


Spreading love and creating community to inspire every person to become the best version of themselves.

About the Brand

Change is manifested in your actions but begins within your thoughts and beliefs. Knowing how over stimulated our minds are with comparison, self doubt, insecurity, anxiety, busyness, and our phones fighting for every second of our attention while becoming our source of affirmation. We are creating a brand and a movement that promotes to the single common feeling very human deeply desires. The desire to be loved.

The sole message we want you to believe, at the deepest core of who you are is that you were created unique and for a purpose. Realizing this simple yet profound truth, accepting who you are, and working to cultivate a strong sense of self awareness, enabling you to become the best version of yourself is our singular focus as a brand.

We are sharing this message via the canvas of clothing. A new design is released every Monday at 1PM PST exclusively on LUVD.COM. Our designs celebrate the beauty of imperfection and simplicity and minimalism of effective communication. Each design has a story inspired by real experiences and relevant?..Not for the sake of more content on the internet, but because in genuine story we are reminded and grounded in truth. Clothing is a outward expression of our inward feeling, it is these truths we choose to wear daily as a statement to ourselves and to other of the life we choose to live and thoughts we will choose to believe. Thoughts become beliefs, which is the gateway to our actions.

Our clothing serves as a vehicle to remind ourselves and others around us that love provides the energy and power to change the world. All clothing is made sustainability in healthy working environments via the fine folks of Alternative Apparel.

It?s not piece of clothing that will change us, it is each other, it is the spark of truth coming alive inside us every day and changing how we bodly love who we are, and how we radically love those around us.

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